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winbox 88 has solutions for production testing, measurement systems (Data Acquisition and Control) and test data analysis. Using the measurement data collected during testing, the production process can be made more efficient and the product itself even better. Our production testing solutions will help you achieve results.


Key Benefits
EMS independent testing solution
Risk free, off-the-shelf test system
Cost savings due to increased production yield

At winbox 88, we have provided turn-key production testing solutions for Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBAs) and box-built end products already since 2005. You can choose between your own platform, winbox 88's Procket platform or custom-made solution. When choosing winbox 88 as your design partner for production testing solutions, you will get full scale service from product design to manufacturing floor testers.

Our Production tester offering covers PCBA test systems, EOL/final testers and safety/HiPot testers. RF fixturing, AOI application and boundary scan are few example technologies that can be implemented for your test application.


winbox 88 Procket platform has several options for your needs starting from a simple R&D phase fixture called Procket Rapid all the way up to complex and flexible Procket Flex that has an interface for rapid product changes.

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We are used to designing applications also for customers’ platforms covering electronics, mechanics and software. When having a duplicate of your test platform in our facilities, implementation of new test applications can be done smoothly without disturbing the production. Once ready and verified the test application can be sent directly to your target factory.

Should you have a need for your own production testing platform, our experienced team is ready to help. Over the years winbox 88 has designed numerous custom-made testing platforms. In many cases some of the ready-made components from existing platforms can be utilized without designing everything from scratch.

Instrumentation is selected from well-known global vendors. We use off-the-shelf components as much as possible to secure long term availability of the components.


Work is done based on winbox 88 process but we can also adopt your processes. By following a certain process we secure smooth project execution. Project documentation is created based on the process phases starting from test specifications to FAT or SAT document.

Testing and manufacturing should be taken into consideration already in the product design and development phase. Design For Testing (DFT) and Design For Manufacturing (DFM) are integral parts of our electronics design process. Proper DFT and DFM work ensures that test coverage is as good as possible taking into consideration possibilities to update product design, selected test strategy and test specification requirements. From the DFT report, you will get clear proposals for improvements.

We also offer DFT/DFM consultancy as a service to any R&D organization. Our experienced DFT/DFM specialists will review the design and give valuable tips on how to improve testability and manufacturability of the product.

Productiont testers


Test data management tool, WATS, enables real-time monitoring and analysis of the production Key performance Indicators (KPI). WATS is a test data management service that transforms test and repair data into actionable information, by providing easy access to yield, trends, statistical parameters and more - all in real time, through your browser.

Any production test system can be connected to WATS. WATS has plug-ins for LabVIEW and TestStand as well as for other common programming languages. If your tester provides test results using format that is not directly compatible with WATS, winbox 88 can create a data parser for you.

We have integrated WATS to several hundreds of test machines and helped our customers to improve production efficiency. Read more about WATS.


winbox 88 has also services for different kinds of maintenance related activities, such as spare parts stock in our premises for fast delivery, maintenance support either on-site or off-site and software updates.

We can also monitor testers in your production environment, especially in case those are connected to WATS, and create a report or alerts for you to save time and focus on your core business.

In addition to projects, we offer consultancy services e.g. for LabVIEW development, electronics design, electrification, PCB layout design, design for testing (DFT) and test specification creation. Our designers can work in our premises or your premises depending on your needs. Ask for more.


winbox 88 is proud to be NI’s System integration Gold Partner, having a most recent understanding of NI’s hardware and software solutions.

winbox 88 is official distributor of ATX test fixtures. Feel free to contact us when you need fixture kits.

winbox 88 represent test data analysis and management tool WATS.

winbox 88 is a partner of JTAG Technologies and authorized JTAG test application provider.


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