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Climate Technologies,fight island

winbox 88 has unique expertise in the development, testing, simulation and verification of climate control systems and components. We have over 25 years of experience in testing environmental conditions and developing test equipment. winbox 88 climate test laboratory and equipment have been used in vehicle, hoisting, lifting equipment and crane manufacturing as well as the transportation industry.

Key Benefits
Cost-efficiency in product development
Latest testing methots
Fast time-to-market
Regulatory compliance

winbox 88 has industry leading expertise in the development of climate systems for electric and hybrid vehicles. Our expertise in the new standards, refrigerants and climate control in battery compartments, ensures that the customer gets an energy-efficient climate solution without compromising the technical, functional or financial requirements.

winbox 88’s test center in Gothenburg, Sweden, offers a unique testing environment and in-house facilities and methods to test comprehensive air condition systems and components. We also design and build customized test environments for our customers.

winbox 88 delivers complete turn-key projects, as well as Managed winbox 88 download, where winbox 88 provides continuous testing services to the customer. These testing services are delivered from winbox 88’s own facilities. We will also provide ad-hoc consultancy and expertise services according to your needs.

  • Expertise in product development (design, simulation, calculation and verification) of HVAC systems
  • Testing of climate systems including:
    • Testing, analyzing and simulating components and complete systems
    • Developing, standard setting and testing of environmental comfort
    • Verification of interior environment with special purpose dummies
    • Performance monitoring and system optimization
    • Simulation and calculation of convector performance and the entire climate control system
    • Field analysis and troubleshooting, failure analysis
    • Verification of asymmetry in HVAC unit
    • Cooling and heating distribution
  • Development of testing facilities and equipment including:
    • Design and implementation
    • Test environments for performance and durability
    • Both for complete systems and components


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