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With over 30 years of experience, winbox 88 has the needed expertize to develop a wide range of industrial applications, for large established companies and start-ups. We deliver complete turnkey projects containing cross-discipline know-how from the wide range of expertise needed in creating modern embedded systems.


Embedded Systems consist of one or more electronics devices, running software, often inside custom industrial machinery, which are connected with other systems via user interface, wireless link or cable. This connection enables to tap into a reliable stream of useful data for measuring, detecting or controlling. Use our big-picture expertise to prototype, build or manage an embedded solution that gives you a true competitive edge.

winbox 88 ties together complete turnkey services encompassing product development with embedded software, electronics and mechanics as well as software test automation with a tight connection to our application software development. We have an integrated design process that takes into account, in parallel, the steps and dependencies between electronics, mechanics and software design. Prior to starting individual design processes, it's important to start with system design, ensuring that the overall system architecture suits all the customer and market needs.

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We develop both standalone products, which are often networked through radio or wired connections, and “smart” sensors that can be rolled out quickly. Being at the core of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) or Industry 4.0, we understand both the connections and the devices. Our experienced project managers and designers keep more complex projects in control and handle the individual design tasks, going all the way to developing user interfaces for different terminals and handling integrations to customer specific systems. We have also our own test laboratories for handling RF-, EMC and other environmental tests during product development.

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We deliver complete turnkey projects containing cross-discipline know-how from the wide range of expertise needed in creating a modern networking system. Deriving from the same skill-set, we are also effective in meeting your commercial and technical requirements.

Typical embedded system design is done as a project, starting with the concept phase, and when the requirements and concept are known, continued by a follow-up project either up to the first tested prototypes or to a certified product. To ensure best possible service, we adapt to your way of work with our device creation process ensuring the design quality.

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